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Table Of Content

-Rolling friction
-Rolling friction
-Static and kinetic friction
-Static and kinetic friction
-Air resistance
-Experiments in a wind tunnel
-Work, energy, power
-Car design
-Power balance
-Power balance

Electrical engineering
-Electric charge
-Current, resistance and power
-Resistance network
-Magnetic permeability
-Magnets in magnetic fields
-Magnets in magnetic fields
-Magnetic hysteresis
-Hysteresis loop
-Hard or soft
-Eddy current
-AC voltage
-Switching operations
-Energy of magnetic fields
-RLC circuit

Electric motors
-DC motor (permanent magnets)
-DC motor (wound stator)
-Stepper motor
-AC motor
-Synchronous motor
-Asynchronous motor
-Asynchronous motor
-Torque curve
-Power output
-Model motor

-Chemical reaction
-Periodic table (PTE)
-PTE table
-Chemical equation
-Redox reaction
-Electrode potential
-Galvanic cell
-Corrosions prevention
-Primary batteries
-Rechargeable cells

Heat engines
-Heat engines

-Band structure
-Bipolar junction transistor
-Bipolar junction transistor
-Bipolar junction transistor (properties)
-Operational amplifier

Basic circuits
-Voltage divider
-RC circuit
-Pulse-width modulation
-Constant voltage
-H bridge
-Function generator
-Logic gates
-Encoder disc
-Encoder disc (2)
-Optical sensors
-Computer mice

-Measurement units
-Measurement units
-Observational error
-Current, voltage

-Rover No.1
-Lander 2
-Curiosity Pi
-R6 (WLToys)
-R7 (Jule)
-R8 (Zombie)
-R9 (Fork lift)
-R11 Raspberry pi
-R12 IOT2020
-R13 Mini-Stepper
-R14 pi-top[4]
-R15 Hoverboard
-R18 ESP32-CAM
-R19 Robot in a Suitcase
-Power rails

-My computer history
-Arduino Uno
-Raspberry Pi
-Physical computing
-Internet Of Things

Physical Computing
-Hardware Arduino
-Software Arduino
-Hardware Raspberry
-Software Raspberry
-Python: switching GPIOs
-Python: Pulse-width modulation
-Python: Background activity
-Python: Commandline parameters
-Apache Webserver
-File upload to webserver
-Python: USB Comunication
-Robotic arm v1.0
-Machine control via webserver
-Secure Comunication-Terminal (SCT)
-Switching LEDs
-LED Matrix
-Simple Communication
-Switching N-channel MOSFETs
-Switching P-channel MOSFETs
-Amplifying ICs
-Read switches
-Digital ruler
-Demonstration servo motor

Machine elements
-Adjustable joints

-Stationary engines
-CNC v0.5
-CNC v0.6
-CNC v1.0
-CNC v2.0
-CNC v2.1
-CNC v3.x series
-CNC v3.0
-CNC v3.1 (Printer)
-CNC v3.2
-CNC v3.2.1
-CNC v3.2.2
-CNC T8 (*)
-Next3D (*)
-CNC 3018Pro Mostics (*)
-Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro (*)
-Plotter CDROM
-Plotter from 3D printer
-2D printer from 3D printer
-Robot arm v0.1 (*)
-Robot arm v1.0 (*)
-WinchBot (*)
-WinchBot 1.5 (*)
-WinchBot 2.0 (*)
-NEJE KZ3000 Laser engraver (*)
-Plasma printer
-Print head HP6602

3D printers
-Reviewed printers
-3D printer Tronxy (*)
-3D printer Anet A8 (*)
-3D printer CR-10 (*)
-3D printer CR-10S (*)
-3D printer CR-10V2 (*)
-3D printer Ender (*)
-3D printer Kossel (*)
-3D printer i3 Mega (*)
-3D printer Tronxy X5 (*)
-3D printer Anet E10 (*)
-3D printer JGAurora A3s (*)
-3D printer Geeetech E180 (*)
-3D printer Tevo Michelangelo (*)
-3D printer Zonestar M8R2 (*)
-3D printer Zonestar QR2 (*)
-3D printer Zonestar QA (*)
-3D printer Longer Orange 10 (*)
-3D printer Kywoo Tycoon (*)
-3D printer Mingda D2 (*)
-Direct granules extruder
-Direct granules extruder V2
-Direct granules extruder V3
-Longer LK5 Pro: Warping

Miscellaneous projects
-Lunar eclipse 2015
-Insta360 Air (*)
-4 stroke generator
-London Taxi TX2

-Circuit symbols

(*)Sponsored projects

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