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R10 - Construction

The first video about R10


R10 is still under construction. Even if my prototype is already accessible in my robot room, there is still a lot to be done to make it run perfectly, thus this documentation isn't complete, yet.

Rover R10 with mecanum wheels
Fugure 1:
The mechanical parts are 3D printed. Yet, not all parts are designed and those already printed need a redesign.

You can get the 3D files as download package.


Parts list:
I got all parts from my sponsor RS Components, thus the links in the table point to their online shop.

Part Pieces RS Components Remark
Raspberry Pi 1 137-3331 Central brain
Raspberry camera module 1 913-2664 Video stream
Servo for continuos rotation 4 781-3046 Wheel drive
Standard servo 1 781-3058 Tilt camera vertically
PLA filament 1.75mm 1 832-0273 1kg is enough for more than one robot, note the correct diameter for your printer!
LEDs white 25 810-6702 25 per package, enough for 2.5 rovers or for brighter illumination.
MOSFET RFP12N10L 1 295-703 Transistor for Headlight

Schematics Rover R10
Figure 2:
5 Servos, a Raspberry Pi with camera module and headlight LEDs - the electronics is very simple.

Test drives

Have a look at my RoboSpatium to see what robots are currently online for test rides.

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