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London Taxi TX2

Old metal and new technologies

2CV Kombi
Abbildung 1:
...are two of my passions. Since I started leaving my ivory tower every now and then to get in contact with other makers on fairs or hackerspaces, my 2CV became too small to get all things in, even though I already have transformed it into an estate car a couple of years ago. Details about my Citroëns are available on
London Taxi LTI TX2 on trailer
Abbildung 1:
A van with similar genes as my 2CV (built on a frame, removable fenders, loud and not really faster than 100km/h) is the TX2 from London Taxi International (LTI). I purchased a 2003 version with all the extras (Gold Edition) on eBay at the beginning of 2018 and had it delivered.

London Taxi LTI TX2 atr daylight
Abbildung 2:
A first look at the vehicle in daylight showed that the car was described quite honestly by the seller. The 2CVs I bought to date were all far worse...

London Taxi LTI TX2 breaks front axle
Abbildung 3:
Still, as expected, a few repairs were needed. New brake discs and reconditioned brake calipers at the front axle...

London Taxi LTI TX2 drum breaks ar rear axle
Abbildung 4:
... and new brake pads and revised rear brake pistons at the rear axle.

London Taxi LTI TX2 oil pan removed
Abbildung 5:
The oil pan had a small hole and so had to be replaced.

London Taxi LTI TX2 Tank
Abbildung 6:
The tank was rusty, but luckily no holes where spotted. So all that was needed was a thick layer of primer and wax for further rust prevention.

London Taxi LTI TX2 rear axle
Abbildung 7:
Oil also dripped from the differential. Jay Lenno once said "If you know English cars you know all about oil leakages". I am at a point where I tend to agree...

London Taxi LTI TX2 rust inner fender
Abbildung 8:
The body was not completely rust-free after all, but compared to the 2CVs that I have bought so far, this can still be described as "flash rust". Problems of this kind can be easily eliminated with an angle grinder and a welding machine.

London Taxi LTI TX2 Turbo charger
Abbildung 9:
The turbo charger got a new interior.

London Taxi LTI TX2, new headlight mount
Abbildung 10:
The conversion to continental European right-hand traffic was done with the help of my CR-10V2 3D printer. The parts are printed from PET-G.

London Taxi LTI TX2 with Golf II headlight
Abbildung 11:
The headlights used are for the Golf II and the diameter fits.

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