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Data presentation

Doing measurements and presenting the evaluated data is elementary for this project. To design an electric engine you have to prove different materials for their applicability and the academic calculated must values have to be compared with the actual values. In order to optimize the vehicle, the consequences of modifications have to be studied by data comparison. So there is a lot to quantify and to make it possible to work with the collected data for all of you in front of your computer monitors, I will be using calibrated measurement equipment and present data units of...

the International System of Units

One of the eldest dimension units for length measurement is feet. You can prove the appropriateness of this length unit by looking at your own feet. The size of my shoes is 45, what from you can calculate that the length of my feet is about 28.5cm with using the continental European system. Having a different number at the soles of your shoes means either you have feet of a different length or you have bought your shoes in a country using a different shoe size system. Using the system of the United Kingdom you would calculate that I am standing at feet being 59.3cm tall. On the basis of this example it should be clear that feet or shoe sizes are no good for use as length unit. More precisely measurement can be done by using calibrated measuring rods. Calibration means comparing the values captured by an instrument with a reference or a standard. How to capture the references is described in the International System of Units (short SI, French for Système international d´unités). This metric system of units, introduced in 1960, is the most widely used system of units concerning science and commerce. The SI rests on seven base units, defined by convention. Those base units are:
Quantity Name Unit symbol
Length Meter m
Mass Kilogram kg
Time Second s
Electric current Ampere A
Temperature Kelvin K
Amount of substance Mol mol
Luminous intensity Candela cd
The "Bureau International des Poids et Mesures" (short: BIPM) provides together with the "Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures" short: CGPM a worldwide unique and consistent system of measurements based on the international System of Units. All details are recorded at the SI-brochure published by the BIPM every few years.

Enough theories - you will find a small java-application at the next page. This little program makes it possible to calculate between different units and it gives you some information about the according units.

<<< Computer mice         Java app measurement units >>>

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