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R13 - Construction

The video about R13


Rover R13 printed parts
Figure 1:
I had printed the parts of the mechanics in course of my review video of the Creality CR-10V2 3D printer from PLA. It is a very compact design. The advantage of printing small parts is that you can use all the spools with just a couple of meters filament left - the result is a really colored rover.

Rover R13 assembled
Figure 2:
The printed parts form the skeleton of the rover - if you look closely, you can see that I have redesigned and added a few parts in course of the assembly.

Rover R13 sliding contact bottom
Figure 3:
Power is supplied via two sliding contacts, each of which connects to a metal grid - one for ground and one for the positive supply voltage. The one on the bottom of the rover is pressed on the power grid by gravity,...

Rover R13 sliding contact top
Figure 4:
...while the second terminal on top of the vehicle is biased by a spring.

Rover R13 drive
Figure 5:
The stepper motors drive the two front wheels, the rear wheels are rotated via the chains. The robot is not really fast, which minimizes the risk of damage during operation - the kinetic energy of moving objects increases quadratically with speed.

Rover R13 camera servo
Figure 6:
With the micro servo the camera can point up or down. The LEDs illuminate the dark areas of my robot room.

Parts list:
I got the electronic components from my sponsor Gearbest which is why the links point to their online shop.

Part Pieces Gearbest Remark
PLA Filament 1 PLA Filament 3D printing of the mechanics
Raspberry Pi 1   Central "brain"
Camera module 1 5MP Camera Module  
Micro servo 1 9g Servo SG90 Panning the camera
Geared stepper motor 2 28BYJ-48 5V 4 Phase DC Gear Stepper Driver board ULN2003 included
5V DC step down converter 1 LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Adjust to 5V before connecting the Raspberry Pi!
LEDs White; 6 150PCS 3mm / 5mm Round LED Package with various LEDs, suffucient for more than one rover
Battery 4.8V 1 4x Soshine Ni-Mh Battery Rechargeable AAA 1.2V 1100mAh 4x 1.2V AAA batteries or 1x 4.8V battery pack
Resistors 1/4W 1 Film Resistors Kit 1000PCS
Resistor Kit - 1/4W
Enough for more than just one project...
Elektrolytic capacitor 100μF 1 Electrolytic Capacitor Mix Enough for more than just one project...
Diode 1 10x SB5100 100V 5A Schottky Diode Reverse polarity protection
Dupont cables 1 40-Pin Dupont Cable Female to Female Plugs fit on the Raspberry Pi GPIOs


Rover R13 electronics wired up
Figure 7:

Rover R13 circuit layout
Figure 8:


Circuit layout as well as the 3D files of the mechanics are part of the Download package (1.7MB).

Test drive

You can take control of R13 in my RoboSpatium.

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