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R12 - Construction

The video about R12


Rover R12, components of the tracks
Figure 1:
The mechanics of R12 is made from 3mm Aluminium sheets I have cut with my CNC v3.2.2.

Rover R12 with tracks
Figure 2:
The IOT2020 is connected to WLAN through a mini PCI module. You can control the robot through a Browser interface.


Parts list:
I got all parts from my sponsor RS Components, thus the links in the table point to their online shop.

Part Pieces RS Components Remark
SIMATIC IOT2020 1 124-4037 Central brain
IP Camera 1   ACM-3601
Servo for continuous rotation 2 781-3046 Drive motors
Standard Servo 1 781-3058 Tilt camera vertically
Aluminium 300x500x3mm 3 187-328  
LEDs white 25 810-6702 25 per package, is enough for 5 Rovers or bighter illumination.
BS170 1 671-4736 N-channel MOSFET for headlights and flash light
L7805ACV 1 298-8508 5V linear voltage regulator
LED flash light 1 907-5965 Option

Mainboard Rover R12
Figure 3:
Most of the electronics is on a tiny board that can be plugged on the GPIO header of the IOT2020.
I have soldered two linear voltage regulators on the board, but only one is needed.
Circuit layout Rover R12
Figure 4:
Circuit layout:
The power comes from a 7.4V rechargeable Battery with 2000mAh which is good for more than one hour of operation.
The red LED flash light is an option.

IP camera Rover R12
Figure 5:
I am using an IP LAN camera type ACM-3601 to transmit live pictures to a Browser.
Mainboard IP camera ACT ACM-3601
Figure 6:
The camera normally uses PoE, but I have connected the +3.3V and one of the GND pins of the IOT2020 directly to the board of the camera.


You can get the (experimental) software including the installation instruction and the circuit layout as download package

Test drives

R12 is a Rover I will take with me when going to maker fairs. If you visit me on one of those meetings you can have a test ride.
More robots are available in my RoboSpatium.

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