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Construction details Lander

Read how to control the Lander
Control the Lander

The video about the construction details

Parts list

Device Number Usage Source / details
Board 1 Base plate  
Atmega8-16PU 1 Microcontroller  
Resistor 68Ω 2 USB-Interface  
Resistor 100Ω 3 Voltage regulation Microprocessor and IR receiver, series resistor signal diode  
Resistor 390Ω 1 Series resistor IR diode  
Resistor 1kΩ 1 Base resistor light transistor  
Resistor 1.5kΩ 1 USB interface  
Resistor 12kΩ 3 Oscillation circuit IR diode  
Potentiometer 10kΩ 1 Oscillation circuit IR diode  
Zener diode 3.6V 2 USB interface  
Crystal oscillator 12MHz 1 External clock Microcontroller  
Capacitor 15pF 2 External clock Microcontroller  
Electrolytic capacitor 3300μF 2 Voltage regulation Microcontroller  
Capacitor 4,7nF 1 Oscillation circuit IR diode  
Operational amplifier
1 Oscillation circuit IR diode  
NPN transistor BD649 1 Light switch  
Transistor MPF910 2 Switch IR diode and signal LED  
IR diode
TSAL 6200 wavelength 940nm
IR receiver module
Vishay TSOP 1838 wavelength 950nm
Capacitor 4.7μF 1 Voltage regulation IR receiver  
Servos 3 1x Mini, 2x Standard, actuators robot arm  
LEDs green 4 Signal IR interface  
LEDs red (optional)
+100Ω series resistor
4 Signal IR interface  

Robot arm

Robot arm
Figure 1:
Like the Rover, the Lander is also made of materials stored in my cellar. It should be no problem for you to copy the mechanics. The robot arm is actuated by three servos.
Host computer
Figure 2:
An old Laptop with a 333MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM and a 4GB hard disc serves as the hostcomputer of the Lander. The Linux distribution Knoppix in version 6.2 is running on the Laptop.

Wiring scheme

Schaltplan Roversteuerung Rover 2.0 mit Infrarotschnittstelle
Figure 3:

Control software

The software of the Rover has been customized to meet the specifications of the Lander. The scripts "lander-server.perl", "watchdog-lander-server.perl" and "" are installed at the Internet server, the scripts "lander-client.perl", "watchdog-lander-client.perl" and "lander-client-commands.perl" at the laptop of the Lander. The file "main.hex" is stored at the memory of the microcontroller.
The source code of the software is available as Download.

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