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Direct granules extruder version 2

A first video showing the extruder in action

I am still evolving the design, so for now just a quick look at the components

Direct granules extruder V2, shredded PLA
Figure 1:
The main idea is to have a machine that can turn waste plastics into granules and from that into something useful like a constructional element if you are an engineer or a sculpture if you are an artist.
Direct granules extruder V2 on Zonestar 3D prniter
Figure 2:
The Extruder replaces the hotend of my Zonestar QR2, the frame, stepper mount and gears are 3D printed.
Direct granules extruder V2, core elements
Figure 3:
This is a quick look at all the internal components. As you can see, its hand made with a conventional screw as core element. Looks simple and that what it is, but before I got here I had to see many similar versions fail over the past months the hackaday prize was running.
Direct granules extruder V2, cold end
Figure 4:
Cold end.
Direct granules extruder V2, hot end
Figure 5:
Hot end.


The 3D files, made with OpenSCAD (including *.stl files) are available as Download-Package.

Sample prints

Direct granules extruder V2, sample print cable chain link
Figure 6:
Sample prints "cable chain links":
Stringing is an issue of the extruder version shown here, but only minor changes can eliminate that, as I have seen in previous iterations of my designs - I will show that in coming videos and test prints.

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