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R5 - Construction

Operating manual R4 (which is currently identical to that of R5)
Control R5

The Video about R5

The prototype of a global explorer

R5 Mechanics
Figure 1:
Rover number 5 is my first robot for outdoor operations. It is the prototype for a global explorer. During test drives I want to find the weak points of the construction before its successor can start a relay "race" around planet earth.

Parts list

Device Number Remark
Plywood See construction plan for dimensions Chassis
Board 1 Base plate for microcontroller and peripherals.
Raspberry Pi 1 Internet connection
with Arduino Bootloader
1 Analog inputs, battery management
2N7000 4 Headlight switches
IRF9Z34N 1 Battery cut off transistor
Double H bridge e.g. L298N 1 Motor control
Geared DC motors 6 Drive motors
Total current of 3 motors must be below 2A when using L298N bridges
L4940V5 1 5V voltage regulator
Resistors 7x 100kΩ
1x 33kΩ
4x 100Ω
Capacitors 2x 15pF
1x 0.1μF
1x 4.7μF (electrolytical)
LEDs 14 Headlight
Servo 1 Camera
Camera 1 USB camera or Raspberry Pi camera module


R5 Mechanics
Figure 2:
R5 is made of 6mm poplar plywood. The wheels are from an old RC car with the dimensions 12 x 5.5cm.


R5 Electronics
Figure 3:

Weak points

  • Open Gears:
    Sand grains locked the gears quickly during test drives. The transmission must be sealed.
  • Brushed motors:
    Brushless motors grant a higher reliability and the current is lower whenever motors get stalled.
  • Front window:
    The window must be larger to give the camera a wider field of view.
  • Batteries:
    The capacity should be higher to increase operating time.
  • Solar cells:
    the solar cells on top of the rover must be used to charge all batteries (not only one out of two lead acid batteries).
You can read the specification shield of the successor to see what kind of improvement will be implemented in the world tour rover.

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