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New pages 2016

22.12.2016 The video about cutting fluids of CNC v3.2 is online.
Coolant and lubricant enable machining of hard materials and stretch the operating life of your milling cutters.
11.12.2016 Buying through my pages helps financing my projects.
I am often asked where to buy special parts used in my projects. If purchases are initiated through the links on my pages, I receive a commision that helps to finance future projects - thanks!
06.12.2016 I have checked my spindle motors.
The quality of a spindle motor is critical for the results your CNC macine can deliver.
29.11.2016 Another video about rotary encoders is online.
How to get more compact rotary encoders is treated in this video.
21.11.2016 The video about CNC v3.2.1 is online.
CNC v3.2.1 is the version using DC motors and rotary encoders (closed loop design). In the video I am cutting new parts to improve the design of this CNC - machine evolution has started...
05.11.2016 Get in contact with me.
With growing numbers of clicks, the number of questions is rising, too. I have written down a etiquette which will make things easier for me - as long as you note the listed rules. The quicker I can answer your questions, the better for both of us.
03.11.2016 I have lauched a page.
Patreon is a stage for creative heads looking for backers. On this page I am offering special goodies for your financial support. Of course you can also use the "Donate" button to directly place a donation.
Many thanks for your support!
16.10.2016 The video about building CNC v3.2 is online.
At the end of the video I am showing another test run carving aluminum. The result is promising.
10.10.2016 The promo video for the 2016HackadayPrize is online.
Short before the deadline of this year's HackadayPrize I uploaded the promotion video as part of the rules. Now it's up to the jury...
03.10.2016 First test run of my CNC v3.2.
Finally my CNC v3.2 mad it's first run!
01.08.2016 There is a new page layout.
I have reworked the page navigation to get more space for contents. Leave comments if something looks weired on your screen or if you have suggests for improvements - thanks!
21.07.2016 Optical mouse as linear sensor for CNC v3.x.
The problems in using an optical computer mouse as linear sensor are discovered in this video.
16.07.2016 Another video about linear drives for CNC v3.x.
More experiments with linear drives. In this video I am using the linar sensor of an old inkjet printer.
09.07.2016 Measurements and video about linear drives for CNC v3.x.
With a methodical approach I am trying to improve the accuracy of my linear drives used for the CNC v3.x series. In course of the measurements I have created my best drive to date, using a simple 6mm threaded rod with a DIY plastics thread.
23.06.2016 The schematics of R5 are online.
Your suggests for improvement of the design will be implemented bit by bit.
14.06.2016 I have build a printer.
CNC v3.1 is part of my machine series for this year's HackadayPrize. It's a printer.
07.06.2016 My CNC v3.x made it to the final of HackadayPrize2016.
Thanks for following and each like on as well as for sharing your thoughts in comments!
With getting into the final round I will receive 1000,-$ from the sponsors of this year's HackadayPrize, which enables me to push the development of my future CNC machines - Thanks!
06.06.2016 My first Crowdfunding campain runs...
Read the story behind "the Rover that will conquer this planet in a peaceful mission", which is my first Crowdfunding campaign on and help to meet the goal by sharing this project with your friends.
05.06.2016 Motion detection with computer mice.
Use the motion you have on your desk or in your hand for some new experiments!
29.05.2016 A simple rotary encoder.
With a few resistors and some wire you can built a simple rotary encoder.
25.05.2016 There is a new chapter about transmissive optical sensors.
Determining the pin configuration of unknown transmissive optical sensors is described in this chapter. Old printers or scanners are gold mines for drives and sensors.
29.04.2016 My Automuseum is open for visitors.
The Automuseum is part of my RoboSpatium. It's the first room that was build with robots in mind instead of using my attic. If you like it, you might want to make a Donation to bring more robots online - thanks!
If you miss a special car in my Automuseum, get in contact with me.
23.04.2016 CNC v3.0 from cardboard and paperclips runs.
The first machine of the v3.x series is very simple to build and so a proper machine for learning computerized numerical control in schools.
08.04.2016 Curiosity Pi now sends a video stream.
Instead of single pictures, Curiosity Pi now transmits a live video stream from the RoboSpatium. Hope that is more fun for you. Tell me if it works - thanks!
16.03.2016 As submission to HackadayPrize2016 I have started to create CNC v3.0.
The idea of creating a CNC that can be used to copy it's own mechanics was in my brain for a long time. As submission to HackadayPrize2016 the machine will for sure be turned into something physical. I hope to get additional impules from the talented hackaday community with my submission of my Self replicating CNC for 194 (or more) countries.
07.03.2016 Robot arm v0.1 is up and running!
My first robotic arm runs fine, but there are many things to be improved in future designs...
25.02.2016 A parcel from RS components has arrived. With the parts I will create Robot arm v0.1.
Robot arms can be used for many applications. With this first build of such a machine I'd like to disclose the weak points in robot arm design.
16.02.2016 CNC v2.0 got an upgrade with bipolar stepper motors and is now CNC v2.1.
With the bipolar stepper motors you can run Grbl software on the Arduino and so process G-code.

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