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Financial backers of HomoFaciens

Support HomoFaciens with 10,-€ or more and get listed in this table (if you'd like to).
If you'd like to see your personal message being displayed also in the header of these pages, become a Patreon on Patreons get a special link that points to my project using their special header message.
Special rewards offered on include designing your personal header graphic (static, no animations) and add a link to an external page of your choice. Get in contact with me for details.

Note the rules: Don't praise weappons or drugs in your message, no political or religious statements (this project is about science and technology), no porn, no offense or diffamation and so on.
If in doubt, I am the highest and final authority that can remove a message from the list at any time.
Send your personal message (no more than 200 characters) to and don't forget to attach a picture or graphic of the dimensions 400 x 400 pixel (if you'd like to see that on the page). Tell me if your name (yes/no), country (yes/no) or city (yes/no) should be published besides your message.


No. Date Name Country City Graphic
0.) 03.11.2016 Norbert Heinz
(House keeper)
Germany Niedertiefenbach Wall of fame 0000000
What about making a donation if you like this project and the open source idea? Thanks a lot!
1.) 04.11.2016 Kees Nuyt
Netherlands Rotterdam Wall of fame 0000001

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