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Page: technics-machines-cnc-3018Pro-Mostics_en.htm
Date: 2022.02.06 02:39:32 (UTC+1)
Name: ALex Mandrake

Can I get the list material and soft in order?, because you are the few in between

Me: Sorry, I don't understand what you want. Explain your question in more detail.


Page: technics-machines-cnc-3018Pro-Mostics_en.htm
Date: 2021.11.08 21:40:32 (UTC+1)
Name: Mikhail

Thank you for the sharing of your expirience.
Your PCB looks fine. It has wide tracks with a minimal cutting of cooper. I've tryed to prepare the PCB with KiCAD too. My result is worse, because I've got a tiny tracks. My cnc should cut 90% of useful (and costly) cooper.  My question is: what did you use for auto-tracking PCB? Maybe it is a separete application or an add-on for KiCAD.


Me: I have done the tracing in KiCAD manually, no automatic function. The H bridge I have routed as a demonstration is a simple circuit and so has a simple layout. It doesn't take that long to draw lines in KiCAD by hand (mouse) if you have gathered a bit of experience.


Seite: technics-machines-cnc-3018Pro-Mostics_ge.htm
Datum: 2021.02.20 17:45:44 (UTC+1)
Name: Homo Hygienikus

Abbildung 7 Rechtschreibfehler Laser "ale" extra erhältlich

Me: Danke für den Hinweis, gibt jetzt keine "ale" mehr als Extra ;-)