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Page: technics-machines-EDM-Wagners-Hammer-03_en.htm
Date: 2023.11.05 11:09:09 (UTC+1)
Name: Brad Necker

Have you seen a Model-T spark coil from an early Ford car? They made millions of them and there are still plenty of used versions available to purchase.

They are designed to vibrate by breaking contact and are built to run continuously for many hours. The breaker point contact could be adapted to trigger such as on your hammer but the spark would be much greater for continuous erosion.

Me: Those high voltage, low current sparks cause less erosion even though they can bridge a larger gap. I own Citroen 2CVs (www.Entmontage.de) so I have a couple of ignition coils. Another proplem with high voltages is the random nature of sparks. Lower voltage sparks result in finer engravings as can be seen on the 5V engraving of the strong DC motor used in this chapter.
Maybe one day I will hunt for a Ford model A. I like old cars and new technologies.