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Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-Granule-Extruder-V2_en.htm
Date: 2022.10.01 23:20:31 (UTC+1)
Name: Dmitriy

Hello, please, if possible, make a page about homemade extruders for a 3d printer

Me: That's what this page is about, isn't it?
There is also a page about V3 of my extruder design.


Seite: technics-machines-3D-printer-Granule-Extruder-V2_ge.htm
Datum: 2021.09.27 09:28:07 (UTC+1)
Name: Momo

Hei Norbert!
Vielen Dank für Deine fantastische Arbeit.
Wie viele Andere, bin ich sehr gespannt auf ein Update zu deinem Direkt-Extruder!
Alles Gute und Energie!

Me: Danke, ich knobel zur Zeit wieder intensiv an Verbesserungen zum Extruder...


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-Granule-Extruder-V2_en.htm
Date: 2021.02.09 13:17:06 (UTC+1)
Name: Conor Croasdell

Hi There,

I am studying product design at university in the Netherlands. We are trying to reproduce your design so that we can recycle old failed 3D prints at our workshop.

Are there any more detailed instructions about the assembly and/ or any more details about how to make the aluminium parts? Right now I am printing the plastic parts.

Any help would be much appreciated. Great project!


Conor Croasdell

Me: Hi Conor, this machine is still in a proof of concept stage rather than close to production. I have been too busy on other projects in the past months, but hope to be back on this one, soon. If you'd like to carry on experimentation, feel free to get in contact with me.


Seite: technics-machines-3D-printer-Granule-Extruder-V2_ge.htm
Datum: 2020.11.15 23:18:38 (UTC+1)
Name: David

I am curious how you did the cooling between hot and cold zone. The heat transfer ocures only the between threaded rods and maybe ab bit with the PTFE-Tube right? I think it would be an option to cool expecially the rods. You could also increase the cooling surface at these two rods with M3 nuts and washers.

Me: The best option is always to reduce heat flow, so maybe grinding down the diameter of the rods would work better. Also making the extruder longer will reduce heat transfer, but also increases friction. I will start that kind of optimization when I have a reliably working prototype. Must look for a lathe or build one from scratch for future experiments...


Page: technics-machines-3D-printer-Granule-Extruder-V2_en.htm
Date: 2020.09.26 19:25:40 (UTC+1)
Name: mel

Hi very interesting projects. I don't have a 3d printer yet, still collecting parts and not in a hurry.

Just a thought, would something like this

works better for material feed screw?

Thanks for sharing knowledge to the world.

Me: Those wood drills have a too high pitch and screws are cheaper as well as more commonly available.