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Date: 2019.02.01 18:41:58 (UTC+1)
Name: David

Hello Norbert, I have followed all your work done with optical encoders and arduino and was amazing!
I just have a question about technological trends, which the reason optical encoders are not used in 3d printer models commercial?
i think because there are more moving parts and complexibility but is just that? It make me thing.
Is it speed better?
Is it presition better?

thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!
good bye
Mendoza, Argentina

Me: Good evening from Germany!
Adding sensors to detect rotation means adding more electronic parts, more code lines and so costs. Furthermore, besides inertia there is no sideload on the moving print head, thus it is easy to design a printer that works without feedback. Keep it simle is the mantra to follow ;-)


Seite: support_ge.htm
Datum: 2016.12.13 11:52:55 (UTC+1)
Name: 0110101110

Hey Norbert,
großen Respekt an deine Homepage.
Wenn die Menschen sich mehr für solche Dinge interessieren würden Dann wäre die Welt eine bessere. Wo Elektronik nicht im Mülleimer landet, sondern neue Verwendung findet.
Awesome. Dein Dialekt ist unverkennbar. Aber super verständlich. In both languages.

Me: Erbarmen...
...zu spät...
...die Hesse komme!


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2016.01.02 at 12:17:16 (UTC+1)
Name: ali

helo how is the work ifirared and how can i do one simple recepteur and emiteur

Me: Are you talking about the IR remote control of the modules in my RoboSpatium? There will be chapters about that kind of physical computing this year.
Google for "Raspberry Pi IR remote control" if you can't wait that long...


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2015.08.22 at 13:17:31 (UTC+1)
Name: Pk. D

How much current does a 5V relay need to switch "on"?
Thanks for your effort and replies!

Me: That's written in the datasheet. it's usually below 200mA, but it can be more...


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2015.07.25 at 09:56:00 (UTC+1)
Name: Pk. D

A good tip to save money -
Buy in wholesale!
Since you make so many projects, instead of trying to pry out components from old computers, you could buy items in wholesale.
You should be able to get 5000 resistors, 1000 capacitors, 2000 diodes and 1000 Transistors under 100€.
And you can easily get 100€ for selling a few old computers to certified reclycers.
This way, you can reduce your carbon footprint (not exactly) as waste generated by self-recycling computers can lead to a lot of pollution!
That should last you a lifetime and more!

Me: There is a "Donate" button on my pages, enabling me to buy heaps of electronic components, if some more people would use that button ;)
Consequently I will have to continue desoldering components from old computer boards...
...I already hand all computer things (after removing the useful stuff) to a recycling company, but I would need much more scrap to get 100€.
This is a makers project, thus reusing old stuff is part of the fun!


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2015.07.08 at 23:02:58 (UTC+1)
Name: Claus Olsen

Hi Norbert
Great site. Nice work. I hope you achieve all these projects.
I'm interested in making cheap materials from blending paper, sawdust, anything non-toxic and abundant really. I mold it into various shapes and building materials. All free (or really cheap). I'll write again when I have more results.
All the best

Me: Thanks!
Your project sounds interesting!


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2015.05.01 at 20:57:55 (UTC+1)
Name: Frank

Very cool website! Arrived here using a link on the Raspberry Pi site and found so much usefull information. Now I surf to this place on regular basis.  The web is full of info, but here i find just what i need and more. Great job! Thank you for all of this. Keep up the good work.

Me: To make surfing to this place on a regular basis more exciting, I am indeed trying to keep up, but with low speed since creating high quality videos eats a lot of my time.


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2015.04.20 at 14:59:58 (UTC+1)
Name: Robert

You have an amazing website and the effort you put into your ideas and projects is also amazing,  how many hours a day do you put into it?

Me: 25h a day. It's passion and so always in my mind - even if I am not in front of my PC or in my cellar room...


Seite: support_ge.htm
Datum: 2015.04.04 um 11:05:30 (UTC+1)
Name: Maxx

Super Webseite.
Bin selber grad am Basteln mit altem Scanner und DVD Laufwerk eine Ploter oder kleine Fräse zu bauen.
Mach weiter so
PS:Vielleicht könnte ich mal Hilfe brauche darf ich mich melden?

Me: Danke! Fragen sind immer willkommen. Wenn deine Probleme nicht allzu weit von dem entfernt sind, was ich auf meinen Seiten so behandele, werde ich mich um eine Antwort bemühen (mein Tag hat leider auch nur 24 Stunden). Für "fachfremde" Fragen gibt's diverse Elektrotechnik Foren - da gibt's Hilfestellungen zu (nahezu) allen Problemen.


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2015.03.29 at 13:15:32 (UTC+1)
Name: Pk.D

Maybe you could add a reply system to the comment system, where people can reply to others comments- many sites do have it.
It shouldn't take much time and money to do that.

Me: I'll keep that in mind when doing the programming work of the new page design. Even if others will reply to a comment, I must do a manual inspection before publishing. I am responsible for the content displayed on my pages and unfortunately trolls and spammers are everywhere. The comment system was meant to give readers a very easy way of getting in contact with me. There is no need for registration and it's no replacement for a forum.


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2014.12.01 at 11:53:44 (UTC+1)
Name: Pk.D

I shall soon be making a hydrogen driven engine(I don't know if one such engine exists already) for my middle school science exhibition.
I will also make a video about it.
If you shall accept it , I could send it to you(if you tell me how) in a month, along with a bit of info. You could probably publish it in your website.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Me: Hi Prathik! There are multiple ways to power an engine with hydrogen: For example you can use a combustion engine fed with a gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen or turn the chemical energy into electricity with a fuel cell. A simple way to share your interesting project is upload it to YouTube and forward the link.


Seite: support_ge.htm
Datum: 2014.11.11 um 16:50:23 (UTC+1)
Name: Alex R

Super Website und Super Youtube Kanal. Sehr informativ und spannend. Ich als angehender Informatik Stundent finde die Seite einfach klasse und kann sie nur weiter empfehlem. Ich freue mich schon auf den nächsten Roboter von ihnen!

mfg. Alex

Me: Danke! Den neusten Roboter bin ich gerade am programmieren - noch führt das Gefährt ein zu großes Eigenleben, aber ich bin zuversichtlich, die Bugs in den Griff zu bekommen...


Page: support_en.htm
Date: 2014.08.07 at 15:20:46 (UTC+1)
Name: Parijat Mitra

I am new in Arduino World.
I need to know how could I on & off 16 relays module board with Arduino Uno/Duo.
And if I want to Start/Stop with TFT Display ... how it is possible ? Please help me.
Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.


Me: The video I am currently working on is about how to connect peripherals to GPIOs. How to connect relays will be part of it. Do you want to connect a TFT display to your Arduino or a more simple LCD type (16x2 characters) as demonstrated in my video about the Arduino? Since the Board has only 20 I/O pins and the LCD needs 6 of them, 12 pins are left for relays.