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Welcome to the RoboSpatium

The RoboSpatium is a place where you can operate my camera equipped robots. The name is derived from the words Robot (Slawic: "robota", for "forcedlabor" or "socage") and Spatium (Latin word for "space"). The spatium, thus the robot space is (most of the time) located above me and it is furnished with things I have treated at the column technology. Besides those things, there is some more stuff arranged there which can be observed live (well, with a few seconds delay) and colored with the help of my mechanical servants. It is some kind of playground for scientists, students or pupils - so have fun!

At the lastest from 12th of september.2012 there is: The RoboSpatium is top!
EarthCam Top 10 Winner

The cameras of the RoboSpatium:

Camera 4 is moved by Rover number 4, based on a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino Uno. This robot is driving in my Automuseum

Camera 3 is attached to rover number 3, which is based on the Raspberry Pi. I call it Curiosity Pi, because it made it's first run inside the RoboSpatium the day the NASA rover Curiosity was landing safely on the Mars.
Here you can control Curiosity Pi

Camera 2 is mounted on a robot arm. This arm can rotate the camera around it's vertical and horizontal axis and move it up and down. Here you get an overview of the RoboSpatium. I called this camera Lander, because it is located at the the fictitious "landing place" of the Rover's "mother ship".
Here you can get access to the Lander

Camera 1 is mounted on a movable robot, my first Rover. You can control the modules inside of the RoboSpatium by an infrared interface at the front of the tiny electric car. All you have to do is to drive in front of the red LEDs and follow the instructions at the message field of the Rover.
Here you can drive the Rover

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